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Casting of 5 feet - Zhabdrung at Dharma in Bjemina

On 30/10/2014, His Excellency the Prime Minister of Bhutan and HH Dorji Lopen of Zhung Dratshang accompanied by other senoir government officals and heads of religious institution gathered at Dharma Arts and Crafts in Bjemina to witness and pay homage during the historic casting of 5 feet Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in gold and silver.

Dharma Arts and Crafts assisted Tsampa Sangay Tenzin, coordinator of 1000 Zhabdrung Project and his team of artisans from Patan, Nepal during the casting process.

Offering of lhabsang and sungchoe were conducted simultaneously with the firing of mold and melting of gold at around 3:00 am to enable successful casting. Casting was done exactly at an auspicious time 8:30 am with recitation of Jeten Wangchuk moenlam lead by HH Dorji Lopen.

Casted Aue (Head) of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in pure gold (approximately 35 Kgs gold) was then ushered in the main hall with sedra where zhudrel phuensumtsog ceremony was conducted.

Casting of body with silver was done on two separate days - on 2nd and 5th October 2014.

It was also an oppourtunity for Dharma to display one of its finest product - 7 feet Dechog statue to all the people gathered on the day.



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