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To achieve the vision of the Druk Gyalpo by reviving age-old Bhutanese traditions of religious craftsmanship and to ensure that Bhutan becomes the centre for Buddhist arts and crafts to flourish in this modern world.


Mission Statement


  • Dharma Arts and Crafts shall always produce all crafts within the most sacrosanct conditions, such that each craft is treated with respect and reverence from the first step
  • Dharma shall incorporate the knowledge and expertise of the great Zhung Dratshang into the philosophy and production process of the industry
  • Dharma will lead the rise of Bhutan as the centre for excellence in Buddhist craftsmanship



  • To provide employment opportunities to traditional artisan families, so that their skills and knowledge passed through the generations, may be preserved and promoted.
  • To enhance skills of traditional local artisans through training, introduction of technology and provision of economic opportunities
  • To create a viable, conducive and safe working environment for local artisans
  • To find a viable market within the region and internationally.
  • To ensure affordability for the buyers from rural Bhutan
  • To integrate the latest modern technology into its production process, in order to achieve commercial viability given high demand, and also improve in order to achieve greater quality and detail

 Dharma shall compete and perform in the modern economy while preserving age old traditions of craftsmanship.

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